SENSAVO is specialized on interactive and dynamic light. Our objects take in the environment┬┤s pulse and reflects it to the eye of the observer. Of course by drawing nearer he himself becomes part of the local environment and sends out impulses which are then reflected again.

As people interact with light and room one can imagine a kind of dialog between human and the specific location. The room itself seems to be alive and an organic atmosphere is experienced.

What characterizes our work is that all the intelligence and processing needed is contained within it. There are possibilities to control from the outside though, but all objects can be operated stand alone in the first place. We use fixed as well as scalable hardware components developed by our selves, what makes us very flexible to create nearly anything from simple fluctuating light to a huge complex light matrix being triggered by any kind of sensing.

High quality and a long life cycle is one of our basic principals. As we watch our work with the eye of an artist we are not satisfied until everything is perfectly matching our imagination.

Bringing light back to life is our passion.