skala01 Details


functional principle of skala01 systems


skala01 is a construction kit system, using the fundamental blocks of an interactive system (Stimulus, Processing and Output) independently. It is also possible to adjust each block to the individual needs of the application. With the underlying fundamentals of the flux development it is possible to obtain more simple applications, which are scalable in shape, size and functionality. As only the actual needs are included costs can be reduced to a minimum effectively. By default these systems are stand alone and are able to work on their own without additional overhead.

The following components are usable:


  • capacitive sensors (touch)
  • PIR sensors (movement)
  • RGB sensors (color)
  • audio analysis (beat BPM, frequency spectrum, time code)

Signal Processing:

  • single chip controller for a limited number of pixel/channels (depending on application), one layer of effects, networking via UART, 5 channel PWM with 16 bit, audio player to play sound files from SD-Card
  • universal controller for lighting systems, configurable via network using the web controller, also capable of the single chip controller features


  • Driver for high power LED units when using a 16 bit PWM input (for use of LED-Stripes, homogeneous LED cluster)
  • homogeneous LED cluster with adjustable pixel pitch, color channels, total size and supply power
  • LED stripes containing Macroblock LED Driver, 16 bit channel resolution and 5050 RGB LEDs, one stripe segment containing 8 pixel by default, adjustable pixel pitch
  • control interfaces: I/O for MIDI, DMX, RS232, IR remote control
  • audio output for sound playback