Fotos: Martina Baumer

flux03   liquid light as a stand alone system.

  • usable as ceiling, wall, table, bar or floor to walk on
  • seamlessly expandable in a grid of 61 cm
  • individually configurable effects, colors and haptic due to exchangeable surface materials
  • suitable for temporary or permanent installations indoors
  • reacts on conducting and even non conduction elements approaching the surface

flux03 is the third generation of interactive light panels connecting capacitive sensors and LEDs. With enhanced sensor technology and one sensor for each pixel, a high resolution LED control and a real time image processing unit the sensor data gets processed within a view milliseconds to a very fluid light image. Also the data exchange between the neighbor panels is done with a very high speed connection so the data can be exchanged in real time, too.

As the mechanical concept is very modular a flux03 system can be scaled to any size within the 24″ grid. The special design makes it easy for temporary events to be quickly installed even with pre-configured settings or for fixed, remaining installations. As there are many possibilities of configuring the panels via the web-user-interface and controlling them with standard interfaces it is very adaptable to different aspects of integration into concepts like stage, art, architecture and design. The very robust mechanical concept including a glass fiber grid allows the use as a (dance-) floor, wall, table, bar or what else you might think of indoors. Thin Overlays of diffuse PMMA allow to smoothen the optical appearance without having the sensitivity to decrease appreciable. With the high resolution sensors and the high-performance image processing also non conduction materials can be detected at the surface which also makes the interactive play with glass for example a fascinating experience.

German Utility Model: 20 2010 014 626.7, 20 2014 003 514.8