flux03 (EN)

The flux03 panel is an interactive modular light panel with an implemented combination of light pixels and capacitive sensors for contact sensitivity. Sensors and light are coupled in an intelligent way, so the contact event can trigger light effects and animations in a high variety.

The following video shows the capabilities of the sensors. Although capacitive sensors naturally react only on conductive materials, the sensitivity is that high, that detecting not conducting materials from a minimum thickness of 2 mm is also possible. The video has subtitles of different languages, please choose…

The interactive area consists of 256 separate RGB LEDs and the same amount of independent sensors. Therefore it is possible to react with multiple colours and true multi touch. For the processing of the sensor measurements a special High-Tech-Processor is implemented which is capable of doing filter calculations in real time and in parallel. That is why the it is possible to aim such a fluxionary and smooth response. For special geometric and more complicated purposes an extra graphic processor is implemented.
The single panels are cascadable in either direction with unlimited number even closed loops are possible. When cascaded they are interconnected with an high speed data connection to exchange and forward control data among each other. The whole system of connected panels is configurable via a special web based configuration user interface or controllable over external standards.
The panels are constructed in such a way that they can either be installed on the wall or as a ceiling or even as a floor to walk or drive over. The pixel pitch is 1,5” and the whole size of a panel is 608.6 x 608.6 mm with a plain height of 76,8 mm. Some additional height is required for mounting the panels (10 -35 mm). Further technical details can be found in our FACTSHEET.

The following video shows some applications of the real time filtering which are possible:

A flux03 system lets customers be involved interactively and at the same time getting emotionalised, when getting in touch with it during product-presentations or entertainment facilities like theme parks or dance clubs etc. Enthusiasm comes immediately when people get in contact with the surface and cause reactions of light. By integrating random noise input into the application some natural pattern can be achieved, which can be either stimulating or calming depending on the adjustments.

In THIS SCHEMATIC the basic system is shown where several modules are connected over the high speed data interface. The control interface can be connected to any panel of the system. It is shown in the lower area of the schematic. There are different ways for controlling the system. The following groups exist:

A – Control unit for configuration via network with web interface, USB-Connection to the system is sufficient

B – like A but additionally interfaces for DMX I/O und Midi I/O to control chosen parameters in real time and to read touch information, USB-Connection to the system is sufficient

C – like B but additionally interfaces for with picture or animation insertion via DVI or Art-Net, SFP GBit connection to the system is necessary